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Press Start Interviews: Black History Month Interview Supercut

2 years ago

I've had a lot of wonderful conversations with black nerdcore artists over the years, and I always ask how being black has affected their music? Their careers as musicians? I get insightful and thought provoking answers each and every time. Here are just a few of those answers to an important question.

Artists (in order): Kadesh Flow, Key Jay, EyeQ, Vadell Gabriel, Omega Sparx (of Gamebreax), GR3S0N, and SWATS (Gamebreax)

Music used (also in order):

  • The Goodness (Instrumental) by Mega Ran & K-Murdock - Forever Famicom DLC

  • Rap Instrumental by Ambush Vin - Chicago Pop Culture Con Mixtape

  • Ryako's Groove (ft. DJ Chidow) by Vadell Gabriel - Lover's Pain

  • Butouden (instrumental) DJ Taiyouken - Destructive Forces

  • pure imagination by Rook1e x j'san. (Dream Easy Collective) - Palettes

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